Innovation through collaboration

Leading through innovation

MegaWatt Solutions is a leading turn-key energy solution provider. We are very excited about the possibilities for radical changes in the energy industry. We provide decentralized CO2 emission free energy solutions for large scale energy users. We work closely with large real estate owners, energy providers, as well as a network of partners, to bring the agility needed to surf on top of the energy transformations.

Demonetization and Dematerialization of Energy and energy installations


One of our major goals is to find a way to sell our product for less money. To many, our business model is weird. But that’s exactly what we are doing. We are trying to provide our energy solutions to our customers for less money, less material, but more functionality and stability.
MegaWatt Solutions is working on improving manufacturing techniques, and essentially increasing energy production efficiencies.

The ultimate goal for us, is to achieve energy democracy: abundant clean energy to everyone. We decentralize the traditional districting heating energy grid by providing stand-alone energy Centers and connect them through internet.

Create change

We believe we could create significant changes on how we behave and how we consume energy.

“There are major improvements needed for the energy services worldwide. The biggest opportunity for us is the storage of the sun's energy.”

Cynthia JonströmerCEO, MegaWatt Solutions

We design innovative, efficient, sustainable energy solutions that are easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and cost effective.

Let's build a CO2-free world together