“Energy is not about individual heating, cooling, and electricity. Energy is about development of a country, its industries, and its citizens’ education.”

Cynthia Jonströmer, CEO of MegaWatt Solutions

A changing world

The world is growing with exponential rate of development. We are living in a extraordinary time of human history.
The unbelievable, unimaginable future is approaching with faster speed than we could comprehend.

Digital Innovations

The speed of the technological innovations is accelerating. Digital era innovation has brought about exponential growth to new technological breakthroughs. The convergence of all these technologies are also transforming business models. Simply put, these converging technologies are transforming business, industries and our everyday lives. Some changes come in small scales. Other changes would come like a swiping tsunami.
This is especially true when it comes to energy.

Tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere
Globally this year

Hectares of forests cut down or burned
Globally this year

Tons of melted ice
Globally this year

Conversations spur innovations

A world in change requires dynamic conversations. This decade, by 2030, our traditional ways of living, working and consuming energy would be radically changed, followed by new waves of technological innovations.
Energy innovation isn’t just about cheaper price, better financial performance algorithm. Energy innovation is a continuous conversation and the exchange of ideas between the energy users, energy suppliers, energy innovators, installers, and the overarching energy solutions providers. And the conversation is not just a one time dialogue. To bring the best user experience, the dialogue should be a continued conversation. The more conversations, the more participants, there will be more ideas and more innovations along the way.

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