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Exponential growth

Rapid change

Imagine if someone in 1990 told you the future of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, would you have believed it? Would you have built something like that?

That’s just 30 years ago. These huge billion dollar companies were successful because of the implementation of 4G technology.

There are many encouraging developments in the energy industries. But unlike the computer industry has transformed our society into digital era, the energy industry is pretty much in the situation as the early days of telephony: The energy /electric grid is simply the “dumb grid”. The old telecom network had no storage and looked pretty much like today’s centralized power grid. The other factor is that the disparity of today’s energy solutions is huge, mixed with old and new, roughly between 1990s-2020.

Some facts: By 2023, an average laptop will have the computational power of 1016 operations/second. This is how fast human brain processes data. Followed by technologies like 5G, this will be the base for the even faster acceleration of speed, rate and power of the following technologies: Networks and Sensors, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and many other technologies like VR & AR, etc

Technology convergence

MegaWatt Solutions works with many experts in these special fields. At the same time, we realize that the convergence of these technologies are the real driving force that is transforming our business models, including how we generate energy, store energy, distribute energy, regulate energy, consume energy, and how we monetize energy.

With many years of deep industry expertise and experiences, MegaWatt Solutions bridge the knowledge gaps in the energy industry. Based on the needs and requirements from our customers, either large real estate owners or energy providers, we provide decentralized CO2 emission free energy solutions.

Facing the demand of the rapidly developing renewable/new energy market, the ability to provide users with a turn-key Energy Solution has become essential part of the development of the energy industry.

Energy In A Box

Scalable and CO2-free

MegaWatt Solutions focus on energy solutions that have the potential to scale with exponential rate. Another criterion we emphasize is the impact on environment. We choose energy solution that is pollution, carbon, and scar free.

The storage of energy and the transportation of energy have been the two biggest challenges in the energy industry. MegaWatt Solutions choose solar based energy solutions and use mother earth as a heat reservoir. We use shallow ground source heat pump (GSHP), or GSHP in combination with Photovoltaic thermal (PVT). MegaWatt Solutions provide completely decentralized stand-alone energy solutions. We use sensors and controls in our eBox system, coupled with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. With our constant R&D, we have about 30 percent improvement in our capacity per year.

MegaWatt Solutions use GSHP systems with vertical boreholes in hard rock. Our several newly started R&D projects open up for new applications and system combinations that would result in high-temperature storage and borehole storage as part of thermal networks, with regard to larger system size, and higher capacities.

Core features


Rationalize, industrialize and digitalize the traditional manual business processes in the Geo Energy industry.

Distruptive Innovations

We provide Disruptive Innovation that use decentralised renewable power generation architectures to replace the centralised district heating solution.


All our solutions are CO2 emission free installations.


We provide freedom of choice for Real Estate development into rural areas without being limited by centralised district heating supply.

Artificial Intelligence

Constant development of the Multi-system and multi-installations Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System. We use Data Collection/Data analytics for machine learning and further improvement of artificial intelligence.