Plug & Play Megawatt-Level Energy Station 

Energy-in-a-Box (EBox)

Ready to be shipped all over the world​

MegaWatt Solutions provides large industrialized technology, by harvesting the energy of the sun and using bedrock as battery storage that is accessed via drilled boreholes. We use well-proven ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology, combined with a photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system to provide an industrial-sized energy solution. ​

Our system is completely decentralized, modular, highly efficient and stand-alone. We call it the “EBox”. ​

The EBox is a pre-manufactured and pre-tested “plug and play” megawatt-level renewable energy solution with high performance and a long lifespan.​

We deliver heating, cooling and hot water to large real estate properties. ​

The EBox is equipped with numerous control features, which allows users to monitor the energy performance of the entire system. The local SCADA system in the EBox is connected to the MegaWatt Cloud SCADA system.​

How does EBox works:

The illustration shows how the EBox was created and how EBox works at our installations site. 
MWS Cloud SCADA System

The Digital Control Module controls, manages and supervises the energy production in the EIB20P-280, EIB20P-420 and EIB20P-560 as well as in the hot water station EBox EIB20A-102. In this way, the number of MWS EBox packages can be cascaded to install a megawatt thermal energy plant that can be managed from the DCM.

The DCM is based on a software-driven open in­dustry computer – a PLC system that is de­signed for industrial environments and with functional­ity to securely manage power failures and other disrup­tive operational situations. Since all functions are software driven, upgrades and enhancements can be implemented during the life span of the EIB, to ensure continuous maximum efficiency and adaption to new demands.

The user interface is intuitive with graphical on-screen interaction. All functions can be managed remotely if necessary. The DCM also functions as a gateway to the EBox SCADA system for supervision, maintenance and optimiza­tion.

IT management solution for real estate owners

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The MWS SCADA system provides digital management for real estate owners

  • The MWS SCADA system allows real-time data from property owners and its energy installations to be accessed remotely by authorised engineers. This access to real-time information allows top management, property managers, and engineers to make data-driven decisions about how to improve property management, energy production processes, and manage smart building controls. Without a SCADA system, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to gather sufficient data for making consistently well-informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.
  • With the introduction of different Application Protocol Interfaces (API) and Drivers, the MWS SCADA system provides great advantages for low-cost system integration. One big advantage of using SQL databases with a SCADA system is that it makes it easier to integrate into existing MES and ERP systems, allowing data to flow seamlessly throughout the entire organisation.
  • Historical data from our SCADA system can also be logged in a SQL database, which allows for easier data analysis through data trending.

Managing different properties, integrating different digital and control systems, providing owners with the satisfactory data, and at the same time, providing a suitable working environment, have all become very challenging tasks to fulfil. The MWS SCADA (WMSS) platform can help to solve these problems.

  • To control the energy consumption: You can’t manage what you can’t control. The BES will enable customer to identify usage patterns, manage the energy consumption, reduce wasteful behaviours, and adjust control units based on real-time data.
  • To provide your assets with the correct environment: Buildings are subjected to changes of season and extreme weather conditions. The BES platform could help in providing owners and tenants satisfactory environment, both for the building properties , and for the comfortable living conditions. This is an important aspect for the building ratings.
  • To be aware of issues before they become problems: The BES system should receive and communicate different levels of alarm conditions, including warnings, this would allow building owners or users to track building environment and system conditions. If the need arises they can respond quickly.
  • To ensure building continuity: For some properties, such as hospitals, elderly care centres, healthcare installations, “System down time” is not acceptable. Therefore, systems need to be robust and reliable. At the same time, the system shall be able to adapt and expand with the need of the customer. BES system and MegaWattSolutions Energy system is perfect for such tasks.
  • To integrate across all building services: Property owners might want to integrate more building management systems into BES, not only the energy systems and HVAC equipment. Interfacing, interoperability and integration can otherwise be very complex, when trying to integrate system such as CCTV, elevator control, fire alarm, parking, scheduling, even rent payment.
  • To save money: A well-integrated SCADA system could provide efficient management for all building energy consumptions up to 84%. This includes heating, ventilation, air-control, lighting, alarm for water leakage, early warning for system disfunction. As the SCADA system performs its functions completely automatically, day in and day out, year after year without the need for much human intervention, previous manual labours cost could also be saved for other tasks.
  • To meet Social & Corporate Responsibility Objectives: The BES system will provide reports and demonstrate visually how energy usage and carbon emissions are being reduced. This will help property owners to meet the green initiatives, government legislative requirements, and corporate social responsibility demands.