EBox hybrid solution with PVT technology 

The GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump) and PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) hybrid system product series successfully combines geoenergyand solar power. 

MegaWattSolutions will be starting to implement this hybrid solution in several projects from 2021. 

The GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump) and PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) hybrid system solutions can provide the following benefits in terms of heat pump performance and system life cycle costs:


  • Reduces the borehole depth or decreases installation space while keeping a similar performance level compared to systems without PVT.
  • Increases the thermal performance (COP) of the heat pumps due to the thermal gains from the PVT system.
  • The EBoxelectrical energy consumption is partly covered by the PV-generated electricity.
  • Increases the efficiency of the PV-panels due to cooling, which can in turn cover the electrical energy consumption of the HFT (Heat Transfer Fluid) circulation system.